Scheen Family Christmas Lists

I'm trying to keep up with what people have told me they've already bought for our family, so if you see an item crossed out, someone already bought it!

But I don't always keep up to date 100% (especially for Roger's gifts), so you may want to E-mail Michelle ( for checking gifts to Roger) or me ( for checking everyone else's gifts) before making your purchase (especially for the more expensive items!)

Note: to make sure these lists are up-to-date for you, you may want to reload the page(s).

Austin (Updated for 2020!)
Brit (Updated for 2020!)
Christopher (Updated for 2020!)
Chris and his wife Brit have made an Amazon wish list of needs for baby John Luke, plus a Target wish list.
Grace (Updated for 2020!)
Michelle (Updated for 2020!)
Roger (Updated for 2020!)