Austin's 2018 Christmas List

Austin's is looking for the basics this year, to help with some of his music projects and helping out with his general budget, such as:

  1. General gift cards would be useful, such as a Visa Gift card. 
  2. Trader Joe's is his favorite go-to grocery store, so gift cards to Trader Joe's would also be handy.
  3. He would even appreciate just sending him cash to help with his rent money!
  4. Austin is still working on some music projects, and is currently collaborating on a 6-song EP, so a subscription to his Paetron would also help him out a lot.

Additionally, here's some stuff from last year's list that might still be useful:

  1. Anything supporting morally ethical businesses (E.g.: clothes from fair trade shops or thrift stores).
  2. Austin wears size adult medium shirts if you want to buy him something appropriate for Tacoma/Seattle weather.
  3. Audio-related items:  1/4" Patch cables, adapters, etc.